Google's new calc

A neat little feature has been added to Google search recently.

Google search could be used to find answers for sums a bit like a calculator.

If you typed “2 + 2” into the search box and clicked search, Google would tell you the answer was 4. Brilliant!

Not only does Google still answer your sums for you, they also offer a fully interactive, 34 button scientific calculator to work out more calculations

Pretty cool!
Google have added a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools. From now on, webmasters will be able to see just when Google discovered links to their site when downloading link data from Webmaster Tools.

Google have added a “Download latest links” button in the “Links to Your Site” in Webmaster Tools.

When you use this feature, you will see there are a list of the links in the left hand column and the date of when Google discovered these links on the right column in the report.

I’m sure many Google will be commended for this extra data. It will help to see how long it actually takes Google to index certain links as well as several other advantages.